This guide is for you if you

Have irregular, heavy, or painful periods

Are trying to conceive

Want to prepare your body for pregnancy

Have premenstrual symptoms like mood changes, bloating, breast tenderness, acne or anything else that you notice has a pattern that aligns with your menstrual cycle

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About Dr. Nicole Shortt

Since opening my Naturopathic Practice in 2003, I have had a passion for women’s health and have spent the past almost two decades expanding my knowledge base to serve women and optimize their health, hormones and fertility.

When I experienced recurrent miscarriages while trying to conceive my third child at the age of 40, my medical doctor told me to count my blessings (my existing two children) and call it a day. In the previous year we had been renovating our new home, had moved and my mother had passed away. I knew in my heart that there was a child waiting to join our family. And I knew that I was not in an optimal state of health. So, I pulled out all of my naturopathic tools and did the basics as I have laid them out in this book. By implementing these 5 steps along with a basic supplement protocol, within 6 months I had improved my egg quality, balanced my hormones and was expecting my third son.